Request an Appointment for Your Follow-Up Procedure Now

According to the information you received in the mail, it is time to schedule your next procedure.

We are here to help you make this process a smooth one. Simply fill out the form to request a date and time for your procedure. Make sure you have your Patient ID number. This can be found on the letter you received in the mail.

Please note, some providers require an office visit prior to confirming your procedure date.

You will receive a call within 48 hours confirming your appointment time.

Make sure to provide a valid email address so that we can send you appointment reminder alerts, prep instructions and tips for making your procedure convenient.

Thank you for taking the Right Step Towards Good Colon Health!

The American Cancer Society recommends that people with an increased risk for colon cancer should be screened at more frequent intervals. By scheduling your follow-up procedure, you are staying on top of your digestive health and ensuring a healthy future.